Community Wildlife Habitat - Registration - Part 1

National Wildlife Federation's Community Wildlife Habitat program certifies neighborhoods, communities and counties who create wildlife-friendly communities of homeowners, schools, businesses and civic organizations dedicated to protecting and restoring wildlife habitat and creating sustainable and green communities to improve their natural environment.

Please start the process of registering your community by completing a short survey. To complete this part of the application you will need to do some research and make some decisions about how you define your Community. These are the questions you need to be able to answer:

1) Define your Community (Neighborhood, City/Town or County)
2) Define your community boundaries by either City/State, Zip Codes or County
3) Provide the population of your community and the source of your population data.
4) Who is the main point of contact for the project? (Contact Information, including email and phone number)

Upon completing part one of the registration, you will receive an email from National Wildlife Federation staff to confirm the receipt of your registration and provide part two of the registration.

Part two will ask you to provide additional demographic information about your community and fuller description of your community.